5x5 RGB LED matrix

There is a 5x5 RGB LED matrix in the center of the webduino Bit board. Each LED has R,G,B colors to blend to give different colors. Pictures can be displayed by combination of different colors at different positions.


Open Webduino Blockly Bit experimental version, place the “development board” block to edit area, the development board uses simulator by default, connect with virtual Bit board as shown in the picture, the preset Device ID is 1234

All the blocks relate to development board are in the development board menu.

To use physical Bit board, please choose the “Wi-Fi” in the drop down list and enter the corresponding Device ID.

Place the block of matrix setup to development board, and then put the block of matrix color setup block below it.

5x5 RGB LED matrix blocks are in the menu of full color matrix

Use mouse to choose color first, and then click in the matrix to set the color to the LED, black color means the LED will switch off.

Click the red button to run, the preset color and picture will be displayed on either the physical development board or the virtual board in the simulator.


Control RGB Matrix in Website

Having been familiar with full matrix basic use,the next is to use web control button in web interactive area to control the matrix on the board. Choose the web interactive button on the top and click button action, there are 5 buttons will display and corresponding block will be available on the left.

Place the “click button..run” blocks to the edit area and set button1 and button2 to display different pictures, and set button3 to turn off full matrix.

Press the red button on the upper right to run, user can use buttons in the web interactive area to control colors and pictures either on your physical Bit board or the virtual board in simulator.


How to get Webduino Bit

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