Get to know Webduino Blockly Bit

Webduino Blockly Bit experimental version is a graphical edit tool developed by Webduino using Google Blockly.Block coding,remote controlling and simulation make it easy to use for varied IoT tasks and quickly implement your creative ideas.

Link to:Webduino Blockly Bit

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Graphical interface description

The graphical interface of Webduino Blockly is composed of three parts, the first part is the list menus on the left and upper left,which include two tabs,namely block code and JavaScript. And the menus on upper right are “QRCode”,”Device Status”, “Webpage Interactive Test”, “Weduino Bit Simulator”, “Clear all blocks”, “Save and Generating link”, “Run”.

Control Webduino Bit development board

Webduion Blockly Bit uses Wi-Fi to remote control physical Bit board, or use simulator to control without a real Bit board at hand.

Save document

When finish editing, by clicking the upper right “link” icon to generate a series of URL which represents the current page,and can be saved to the bookmark or my favorite,so that can easily open again next time.

Online Webduino Bit simulator

Simulator will automatically be enabled when open webduino Blockly Bit experimental version.The simulator has a virtual Bit development board, the color of Webduino logo on the board changes to green when running, and in the mean time a virtual light blub and a virtual flame display in the bottom area. The light bulb can be used to interact with photo cell, and the flame can be used to interact with thermistor.

Webpage interactive area

WWebduino Blockly has built-in webpage test samples . Click the webpage interactive test menu,choose the samples from the drop down list to test. Samples include: text display,light bulb control, picture control, color change, button action,Youtube,picture tracking,remote controller,graph drawing.

Mobile device support

Webduino Blockly has built-in QRCode button, QRCode will be generated by single click,and can be scanned by mobile devices to connect easily and further display the content of the webpage interactive area into a browser on the mobile device.